I created Miniature Storage as a way to help fellow wargamers find the storage solutions they need. I have been wargaming since 2006 and have had a lot of need for storage in those years.

I have also learned quite a bit in that time, so this is a place where I share what I’ve learned, and (hopefully) present you the best miniature storage solutions out there.

I love helping the community. Since I’ve been wargaming, I created a blog about the hobby, built a roster program for Warhammer 40K (since defunct), and also started a site about miniature hobby tutorials.

Oh, and of course this site about storage solutions for miniatures 😉

That’s about it. This is just a simple site with articles to help you find the storage solutions you need.

Also, if you have suggestions for storage ideas that I haven’t covered then I’d love to hear it. Just drop me a message.