Miniature Paint Rack & Storage Ideas to Help You Get Organized

Miniature Paint Rack

I don’t know about you, but my painting desk is a complete disaster. I get it organized and then as soon as I start the next project it just blows up. That’s why I’ve started looking for a miniature paint rack; so I can finally get myself organized.

So, I thought since I was doing the research on some ways to store my paints that I’d share that information with you all.

I can say this, there’s no shortage of paint organizing systems out there. With the advent of laser cutting wood, it seems everyone is out there making their own miniature paint rack to sell. However, I’ve narrowed the list down to the ones that seem to be of good quality, and are also affordable.

Miniature Paint Rack & Storage

As usual, the list will be alphabetical.

Also, if I missed an option for a miniature paint rack in the list then please let me know in the comments.


There’s a few options from Citadel, though probably not exactly what you’re after, as they aren’t really a miniature paint rack. However, it’s worth sharing.

Paint Box

The Paint Box is new from Citadel and it’s just what it sounds like – a box to store your paints.

The Paint Box has hex shaped holders to put the pots of paint into, and also has storage for more paints. All in all, you can store 70 pots of Citadel paint in the Paint Box.

So, this is a good solution for those who need to pick up their paints and store them a lot instead of someone who has a dedicated hobby space setup.

This is the cheapest option that Citadel has, and it’s made of a durable plastic, making it a pretty reasonable buy.

Project Box

The Project Box is an older offering of Citadel’s. Though you can no longer buy it on the Games Workshop site, you can find this on Amazon still.

What the Project Box is, is a small system to store some Citadel paints, have a surface to paint and model on, as well as some additional storage for general use.

The paint rack can store up to 49 Citadel paint pots, which isn’t that bad.

Overall a setup like this is aimed at the hobbyist who has to pick up their paints and tools each time. You can pack it all up, store the box (which is approximately 16 x 11 x 4.4 inches in size), and not have to worry about it.

Again, this may not be what everyone is after, but it’s worth noting.

The big thing with the Project Box is the price. This is way cheaper than the newer versions that Games Workshop has put out, which you’ll see below. Like, it’s 25% of the cost of the new ones…

So, if you’re looking to save some money, and get a good storage setup, I’d consider buying this one over the other Citadel options below.

Project Paint Set

While this is similar to the Project Box above, it’s only design is for paints. The Project Box is more of a multipurpose thing where this is just for the paints really.

Anyway, the Project Paint Set is a storage box with 48 pots of paint.

Here’s what Games Workshop has to say about it:

A one-stop collection of high-quality Citadel paints covering the Base, Shade, and Layer ranges, this is the perfect way to begin a collection of paints to make your miniatures look their best. 48 pots of paint are included in the hard-wearing, durable plastic storage box – the box itself holds 2 racks that each hold 21 paints, with space in the bottom of the box for a further 28. The lid even doubles as a handy tray, making this the perfect gift for the hobbyist in your life.

So, it comes with a fair bit of paint.

In fact, when you do the math out on the paints, you realize you’re getting a deal on the paints compared to buying them individually, and you’re also getting a paint storage system for them.

This is not a cheap setup. However, it does have all of that paint, so you are actually saving money if you’re a fan of Citadel paint.

Overall, not a bad buy if you’re in the market for some paint too.

Ultimate Project Paint Set

As you probably figured, this is an upgrade version of the Project Paint Set.

This set contains 53 pots of paint, 3 brushes, and some Citadel hobby tools.

Of course, this is more expensive than the other paint set, however, it is honestly a good deal when you factor in the paints, brushes, tools, and then the storage container itself.

This isn’t for everyone though, and far more geared towards the Games Workshop fan than someone looking for some good paint storage.

So, if you need to seriously loading up on paint, like you’re new to the miniature hobby and want to dive right in, then the price is great for everything you get.

For the rest of you, you’ll probably want to keep scrolling to see what else I found.


Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of people on Etsy making paint racks. In fact, I only found a few that seem reasonable.

Now, there are a few others, but the two below are the ones that jumped out at me. If you want to see the rest of the list then you can check out the search results.


MakerHordeMakerHorde created a neat lazy Susan style paint organizer. A handful of good reviews on it and the price isn’t bad.

The lazy Susan will hold 44 paint bottles and some brushes.

You can also get this in a birch plywood instead of MDF. The birch plywood is a worthwhile upgrade if you ask me.

I have to say, I like the lazy Susan style of this. I feel like it takes up less room than the more traditional style of a linear rack.

This one is a serious consideration for me.


WarpedMindGamesWarpedMindGames has a well reviewed, and reasonably priced, linear MDF paint rack that worth a look.

This one holds 45-51 paint pots depending on what exactly you’re storing. There’s a few setup options available when you order, hence the variability.

Seems like a solid choice and the price is pretty on par with all the other systems I’ve found.


I found a few options from GameCraft on Amazon that were worth sharing.

Painting Station – 26mm Vallejo

As the title suggests, this one is aimed at storing Vallejo dropper bottles. Being 26mm, it should work for most major companies who do dropper bottles for paint as well.

Here’s the full description from Amazon:

Painting Station holds 20 of the Vallejo and Army Painter style dropper bottles, one small brush rinse water cup and 28 brushes, files, etc.

Assembled unit measures 16″ wide, 11″ deep and 3 1/2″ tall.  This is perfect size for putting away on a bookshelf, under your bed or in a cupboard when you are not using it.  Perfect for people that want to work at their desk, on the dining room table, the coffee table while watching TV, or if you just want to keep your workbench clutter free while switching between painting jobs.  Also great for people that have small children and want to put their paints away to keep their little hands from getting into them.

Made from 1/8″ MDF.  Assembly and painting (if desired) is required.

Now, for the price that’s a pretty good deal. It covers you with pretty much all your painting needs. It even has handles, so this is great for those who need a more portable solution for their paint storage.

All-in-all, I feel this is a great option and you can snag it off Amazon too.

Paint Rack – 34mm GW / Citadel

Now we get to the Citadel sized storage.

So, this one holds 40 of the Citadel paint pots.

The storage rack is 11.9 x 7.87 x 5.1 inches in size, and like the other miniature paint rack they make, is made of MDF.

However, unlike the Vallejo option above, this one is purely for paint storage. There’s no brush holds or anything.

This one is a similar price to the Vallejo one and is also available on Amazon.

With a fair amount of reviews, and a good overall rating, this seems like a solid choice. Plus, you could fit dropper bottles in here as well if you wanted. This is convenient for people like me who have both Citadel and Vallejo paints.


The Broken Token

While similar to the GameCraft miniature paint rack, the one from The Broken Token differs in that it’s made of birch plywood, not MDF. That’s a pretty big quality difference right there.

The one I found is 35mm, so it will fit your Citadel paint pots or P3 pots, and of course any dropper bottles from Vallejo and such.

The back of the rack also has spots for paint brushes, so you can get most of your stuff on here if you need a portal solution.

There is also the ability to connect multiples of these together to form a larger painting storage organizer. Great if you’ve got a lot of space where you paint.

This setup will hold 28 bottles and 17 brushes, and the size of the rack is 9.8 x 8.1 x 6.75 inches, making is pretty small and easy to move around.

Being that this one is made of plywood, is affordable, great reviews, and is probably one of the better looking racks I’ve found, I feel like this one is the best deals.


Not too surprising that Vallejo has their own miniature paint rack options.

First thing is that the Vallejo system is modular, so you can combine this with other Vallejo paint racks. Like, they also have a corner rack you can buy. So, you could combine this with that and make a whole system.

Now, this particular paint stand will hold 22 brushes, 8 larger bottles (like thinners), and also 60 paint bottles.

Of all the paint storage systems I’ve found, this has the largest storage capability while also being the cheapest. Yep, more storage and less money than the others covered so far, which is crazy.

You can’t go wrong with this; seriously. If you’re only painting with dropper bottles then this is easily the best deal I’ve found.


I was honestly pretty surprised with small the selection in finding a miniature paint rack. I really expected to have to sift through like 50 of them, but instead I struggled to find any worth looking at.

Right now I have to say that I’m leaning on the Vallejo. I’ve always loved their paint line, and it’s an established company I know, so there’s some inherent trust there.

We’ll see though. I could easily change my mind as I’m prone to do. Supporting people on Etsy is always a good choice as well.

On a related note, on my other blog I have an article on the essential miniature painting supplies that everyone should have that you may find interesting. That article covers the basics that everyone should have, as well as some awesome tools that you don’t need but are awesome to have.

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