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The not so fun part of the miniature hobby, or any hobby honestly, is organizing everything. Eventually your painting desk explodes into disarray and finding anything you need becomes a chore.

So, I’ve collected a list of various organization ideas and solutions to keep you focused on the task of painting and hobbying, not searching for your tools.

The Best Acrylic Paint Rack for Miniature Paints (Cheap)

Acrylic Paint Rack

I picked up an acrylic paint rack to store my Citadel and Vallejo paints in. It’s a great, cheap solution that I recommend to anyone needing organization.

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Cheap Paint Brush Organizers to Make Painting Easy

Paint Brush Organizer

If you’re a painter of any type, then you really need a paint brush organizer to keep yourself focused to the task, not finding a brush. Here’s my list!

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A Review of The Lazy Painter by MakerHorde for Paint Storage

The Lazy Painter

I got The Lazy Painter by MakerHorde. It’s a Lazy Susan style paint storage rack for dropper bottles. So, here’s my honest review of their product.

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Complete Miniatures Display Cabinet List (Cheap to Beautiful)

Miniatures Display Cabinet

If you’re in the market for a miniatures display cabinet then definitely check out my list. I’ve collected cases from various companies to compare and see.

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Your Complete Hobby Tool Organizer List (Make Life Easy!)

Hobby Tool Organizers

At some point we all need a hobby tool organizer to keep our workspaces manageable. So, I’ve collected a great list of ways to keep yourself organized.

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The Best Miniature Paint Rack Solutions I’ve Found

Miniature Paint Rack

If you’re like me then you have a cluttered hobby desk. So, I started looking for a miniature paint rack to store and organize all my paint pots & bottles.

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