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Do You Need Blackstone Fortress Storage? My Complete List!

Blackstone Fortress has gained a dedicated player base quick. The game has really impressed a lot of gamers and the miniatures are stunning. Having played, it’s a lot fun.

If there’s one thing any Blackstone Fortress player knows it’s that the game has a lot of pieces and setup can be a chore. The easiest way I know to make that less painful is to have a good storage system to begin with.

To that end, I’ve collected Blackstone Fortress storage ideas and solutions to help you store the game and keep things organized for future play. This list isn’t conclusive, but features those special to the game and some generic storage ideas that work well for the game.

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Blackstone Fortress Storage

The list is alphabetical.

Battle Foam

Battle Foam has come out with a game box kit. The setup fits right inside the Blackstone Fortress box and will carry your miniatures, accessories, and everything you need for the game.

Battle Foam Blackstone Fortress

The cutouts for the miniatures are generic squares but you’ll fit everything in there. So, you can keep those painted miniatures safe.

Also, the game rules and templates will fit underneath the foam trays, so you can stack everything in there and get setup easily.

For a Battle Foam product, the price is extremely reasonable and a good choice.


Feldherr always has some great game specific options for storage and Blackstone Fortress is no exception.

So, you can get a custom cut foam tray setup that fits in the game’s box. It’s a set of foam trays to store the miniatures and the accessories.

By custom cut I mean that each miniature has its own specifically cut slot in the foam trays. So, you can storage each model safely and not have to worry about paint chipping or models getting ruined.

The trays also store the accessories, so you can pack up and setup much more quickly.

The price for the setup is very reasonable for something that stores the entire contents of the game.

Feldherr has a lot of cases, so if you’d like to see more, then check out my review of their product line.

Games Workshop (Citadel)

Of course, the company who created Blackstone Fortress also has a storage option for you.

Games Workshop has a small carrying case that they’ve put out. The case has the trademark channel foam tray that’s featured in all the Citadel cases.

The size of the case is 12 x 10 x 3 inches, so pretty small. However, it will carry all 44 of the game’s miniatures. The downside, the carry case is only for the miniatures. So, you’ll have to store and organize the accessories elsewhere I’m afraid.

Still, this is a good looking option that’s a worthy consideration.

KR Multicase

As you can tell by now, the game box storage method is pretty popular. So, yeah, KR Multicase also has a box storage setup 😉

KR Multicase foam trays for Blackstone Fortress

What KR Multicase has done is given you some setup choices in how you store the game. You can checkout their setup guide and see that you can get foam trays for miniatures, accessories, or get pluck and pull for whatever.

This setup allows you to customize the storage to meet you needs. Overall, you should be able to get configured to store everything.

Other Ideas

That sums up the Blackstone Fortress specific options, however, there’s still quite a few things you can do.

Now, if you’re looking to try to store everything then pluck and pull foam trays are a great choice. This will let you customize the trays to store the miniatures and accessories.

I also have a list of miniature carrying cases that would work as well. Those options cover small setups to larger setups, and everything in between. There are quite a few choices in there that would work well for Blackstone.

Speaking of, the Citadel Skirmish Case would work very well for this. You could easily store all the miniatures and be able to also store the game rules and accessories underneath the foam trays.

Lastly, if you’re just looking to store the miniatures, and you want to try something different, then check out the magnetic cases. This is my favorite method for storing miniatures when you don’t have a few hundred to store.


I’m afraid that’s it. Sadly, there isn’t a big list of game specific storage for Blackstone Fortress. However, as noted in the Other Ideas section, you can find other ways of storing the game as well.

Hopefully you found something useful here and it will make your game setup quicker, as well as your game storage after the fact.

If you have a storage idea that I didn’t cover then please let me know in the comments.


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