Shadespire Storage Solutions That Are Cheap, Easy, and Effective

Shadespire Storage

One of the things I love about Shadespire is that there’s only a few models. It makes it quick to paint up a warband, and also easy to carry around a few of them on gaming nights. So, what Shadespire storage solutions are there available to us gamers?

These are in no particular order. Basically, just the order in which I think of them, or find them.

Shadespire Storage

Companies have been clambering to put out storage solutions for Shadespire since it released. The game has hit the hearts of many and been skyrocketing.

So, here’s the Shadespire storage I’ve come across, and if you’ve found any then please let me know in the comments and I’ll gladly add it to the list.


I only recently discovered this company, though many Europeans are probably aware of them. Feldherr offers quite a few foam options for various games, including Shadespire.

I’ve linked out to Feldherr’s offerings on Amazon, however, if you’re in Europe then you’re probably better off buying direct from them. For those in the US, the Amazon site is the cheaper option.

Shadespire Tray

Feldherr offers a tray for each of the Shadespire warbands. The slots for the warband are laser cut, and there’s room for tokens and your deck as well.

Feldherr - Shadespire Bloodreavers

The size of the Shadespire tray is around 10.8 x 6.8 x 1.6 inches. I say around only because the tray for each warband varies a bit, though mostly in thickness.

I actually own two of these, soon to be more, for my Bloodreavers and Orruks. Theyr’e great, small, and perfect for tournament days when you have to move around.

The other cool thing that Feldherr offers is a magnetic case to store the custom Shadespire trays in.

You can actually buy it as a bundle to get a tray with the box, which isn’t a bad deal. You’re also able to buy this on its own if you already own some Shadespire trays.

Feldherr - Magnetic Box for Shadespire

Shadespire Box

Like many companies out there, Feldherr has a Shadespire box tray. Meaning, this fits right into the starter set, the actual Shadespire box, making life very easy.

Feldherr - Shadespire Box

The tray fits both starter warbands (Steelheart’s Champions & Garrek’s Reavers), as well as all the tokens, dice, and both objective & power decks.

The size of the tray is 11.5 x 8.6 x 2 inches, which fits perfectly into the Shadespire box.

For the price, this is a great solution, especially if you just got into the game.

Citadel Skirmish Case

Citadel has a Skirmish Figure Case that they sell. It’s one of their more reasonably priced case options.

Anyway, the Skirmish case is a perfect fit for Shadespire. It allows you to store your warbands and the boards as well.

Actually, Games Workshop did a video showing exactly this.

This may be one of the better priced storage options considering how much you can fit into it.
Citadel Skirmish Figure Case

As you can see, the case is hard plastic, so great for travel.

The size of the case is 4.7 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches.

I also have a review of the Skirmish Case if you’re interested.

3D6 Wargaming

You probably haven’t heard of 3D6 Wargaming. It’s a local company (local to me anyway), run by a fellow 40K player I know. He’s a really cool guy and he makes some awesome custom stuff for 40K.

Also, which is why he’s listed here, makes a Shadespire box tray as well.

Shadespire Box Foam

This tray will fit one of the starter warbands, as well as all the tokens, decks, and dice. It’s also a bit cheaper than the same tray from Feldherr.

The size of the tray is 11.5 x 8.5 x 1.75 inches, so perfect to put into the starter box.

Battle Foam

No surprise that the largest miniature foam company in the US would have some Shadespire options.

Battle Foam offers trays for each warband, a tray for accessories, and more. The variety of trays is impressive actually.

Battle Foam - Shadespire

Note: Those links go to the US site for Battle Foam. You’ll have to visit the one for your country if you’re not in the US.

Foam + Shadespire Case

Battle Foam also has a reasonably priced option with their Ammo Box bag that you could use for Shadespire. The bag comes stocked with pluck foam trays, so you can build them out as you need them.

The bag itself has a hard plastic interior to keep those trays safe.

Battle Foam - Ammo Box

The size of the bag is 19 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches. It has pockets for the game boards, rules, etc.

It comes with 12 inches of pluck foam trays. Each tray is 15.5 x 8 inches. The trays break down as:

  • 2 x 2 inch thick trays
  • 1 x 2.5 inch tray
  • 1 x 4 inch tray
  • 1 x Battle Foam medium toppers

Here’s a video showing off the bag.

This isn’t the cheapest option going, but anyone who buys Battle Foam won’t be surprised by that.

Prime Time Foam

Speaking of, there’s also some assorted pluck and pull tray options available as well. They tend to be a bit cheaper than the laser cut trays and do the trick just as well.

Prime Time Foam has a 2″ tray, which by my measurements, should work for all of the current Shadespire warbands. You may want to double check yourself, and they do also offer a 3″ tray as well.

Prime Time Foam

The trays are 7.5″ x 13″, so they’ll fit in the standard sized bags offered by Sabol and the like.

Speaking of, Prime Time Foam does also offer their own bag as well, which of course will fit their pluck and pull trays.

Prime Time Foam Bag


There really is no shortage of Shadespire storage solutions out there. I imagine we’ll see more and more options pop-up over time as well since this game isn’t going anywhere.

Have a storage option I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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Shadespire Storage Solutions That Are Cheap, Easy, and Effective
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